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Hassun hauska id-viittaus tulee täältä. Höhö.

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* Apprentices of Freud.

Kirjoitettu 13.02.2012 - Lapsonen. Kategoriassa in English, lähipiiri.

As some of you may know, the results from the second round of the Finnish presidential elections was announced last weekend. While waiting for this moment of truth, we (ie. me and my friends) ended up talking about Freud’s theory and especially about id, ego and superego (let Wikipedia help those, who are unaware of the subject). His view about id (the reckless and shouting crybaby who wants it all) was too narrow on our opinion, so we decided to expand it a bit.

So, I have the honour to present the new ids from which you are allowed to choose the one you prefer the least (we of course honour Freud’s opinions, so the one you hate the most is probably the right one). We could argue about the realibility about Freud’s theory but since we’re doing this for entertainment, I don’t care a bit – to be honest.

Scoffer is for you, if you’re constantly on a diet or do secret sleepwalks to the fridge during the night. This little demon devours everything (and anything) in general, but the sweeter the better. Warning: can also possess the body in surprising situations if you haven’t satisfied her craving for sugar. She’s not as fragile as she looks like.

Did the picture surprise you? Did you think that it’s inappropriate? Then Harlot belongs to you. Inside of those who don’t show any interest in the better gender or sexuality, lives a rather impatient tiger. She often hides herself in an impressive way (except for a couple of dary shirts), so usually outsiders can’t hear her moaning. But you have to see the other side of the coin as well: she acts like a good kitten until you forget about her and show her an opening. After that it’s not in your hands anymore.

Wrecker loves vandalism and sabotage. If you regard yourself as an angel who couldn’t do any harm to anything and panic whenever you drop a glass or think you broke something that belongs to your friend, this little girl (and her two million weapons) are made for you. She doesn’t make too much noise about herself either though she enjoys to take over once in a while – just for fun. These moments are usually short and last only a few seconds e.g. when your friend says something to tease you and you end up hitting him/her a bit too hard – though you did it just because you were acting angry. Oops?

Hippie’s our last id. Now if you thought ”the last one? There’s no way I’m a hippie!” and considered scrolling up and check the other ones, keep dreaming! This one is yours and you better accept it! Everyone knows what a hippie is and what they do (if you don’t, the Holy Wikipedia will guide you), so there’s no need for me to explain the principles of this little child of nature. If you totally disagree with having a Hippie inside you, it’s very probable that you have one. Most of the people don’t know about their inner Hippie and as she loves living in peace, she’s not hurt being unnoticed. She still has some influence on e.g. what you buy or what you think when you hear someone talking about cons of eating meat. Have found yourself buying a Hippie cap or going to a Charity shop even though you definitely are NOT a hippie? It’s only the beginning, my friend.

(Just for the record, don’t mind the little children’s drawings, they were made by my friend’s drunken flatmates. Awfully cute. Oh, I apologize for having only female characters, of course these phenomena apply for guys also.)



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